News Flash

EWE is on the move!

We have been approached to take EWE on the road in the spring of 2017.

Because of this, and the publicity the Road Show will generate for us, we have decided to move the date for the first ever EWE festival at the Royal Highland Showground to August 2017.

The group we are working with for the Road Show will give EWE maximum publicity, and we feel by going on the road first we will reach a far wider audience we would not otherwise have managed to engage with.

We’ve been stunned by the interest in EWE so far.  We’ve hardly advertised it, yet there have been so many enquiries from retailers and potential exhibitors and we thank you all for your interest and continued support.

At this rate will probably have to take the larger hall at the RHS on the weekend of August 11th and 12th 2017!

Launch of the first truly International Wool Festival right here in Scotland

2017 will see the launch of the first truly International Wool Festival in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. To be known as EWE, our aim is to have the EWE name recognised worldwide and become a trademark for Scottish Wool, returning it to its rightful upmarket image.

There will be many offshoots from EWE. We are already working on our EWEniversity (learning platform), EWEknit (EWE recognised knitting groups nationwide) and EWEoperative (using EWE profits to fund machinery and projects for Scottish fleeces). You can guess we have lots of other EWEnique ideas in mind but our first task is to make this the best ever Wool Festival.

When and where will it be held?

It will be on the weekend of August 11th and 12th 2017.

The venue is the Royal Highland Showground which is a tram ride from Edinburgh City Centre and very easily accessed by either road or air. In fact, we are planning to promote the event in Ireland, as booked far enough in advance it won’t be impossible to fly into Edinburgh Airport, a few hundred metres from the showground.

We’re also located within easy reach of the many hotels servicing the airport.

In our first year we hope to organise coach holidays from all over Britain. In our second year, we hope to offer holidays from abroad too. Plus, as it’s Festival time, the Royal Highland Showground allows camping onsite so we will enquire if we can offer a special rate for our exhibitors.

What is the festival about?

It is a Wool Festival, nothing over posh.

There will be live animals to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at, and we are aiming to have everything to do with wool and its by-products (no matter how tenuous!) to buy.

We want the public to have the opportunity to enjoy their days out, perhaps both days out, so we are offering every exhibitor discount or extra space (at our discretion) if they would offer a (free) demonstration and/or mini workshop, and run a minimum of two per day.

Who are we?

We are a Community Interest Company, so all profits will be streamed back into the objective of our aim; a EWE trademark and establishing a cooperative to help all sheep farmers have their fleeces scoured and even spun in Scotland.

We are happy to accommodate relevant charities at the event, the only criteria being that they are related to wool in some shape or form.

We aim to have a competition run through the Art Colleges in Scotland with a catwalk show of the winners running at the festival. There may be the possibility of exhibitors showing garments too. We are also planning an educational structure for schools and colleges, although the schools may not be rolled out until year two.